Results & Reports 2018

April Brailes Show

The National Lurcher and Racing Club would like to start by thanking everyone who helped out and worked so hard - Sue Hallam; Derek and Jane Hayes who did a fantastic raffle; Laura the cook who also did a fantastic job working all day in the kitchen;Emma and Foggy; Shirene Smith; Jane Davies; Lee Munday; Charlotte Munday; Sam Davidson; Jo Stones; Mark and Jane Handley; Simon and Lillie; Chelsea Handley for driving the quad; Kieth and Jenny; Paul Pickeringand Jenna Draycott. We hope we haven't missed anyone.

The results of the field events were as follows:

SIMULATED COURSING CHAMPION was Vicky Steadman with Heidi and Reserve was Mark Handley with Thistle.

UNDER 23" STRAIGHT RACING CHAMPION was Chris Price with Austin and Reserve was Matt Keating with Bandit.

OVERS STRAIGHT RACING CHAMPION was Lauren Thomas with Pirate and Reserve was Wayne Sharman with Thor.

HURDLES CHAMPION was John Miles with Tan and Reserve was Lauren Thomas with Hunter.

SHOW CHAMPION CHAMPION was Lesley Edwards with Thimble and Reserve was Alys Hulland with Milly.

PUPPY CHAMPION CHAMPION was Jane Davies with Bridget and Reserve was Karen Faint with Max.

CHILD HANDLER CHAMPION was Chelsea Handley and Reserve was Leah Dryden.

MEMBERS CHAMPION CHAMPION was Shirene Smith Reserve was Mark Handley and in third place was Emma Sandham.

We would like to thank Tom Pickering for Judging the Show.

 OBEDIENCE ;TEST 1 CHAMPION was John Miles with Lou on 48 points and reserve was Alex Courton with Archie on 35 points.

TEST 2 CHAMPION was Vicky Steadman with Heidi on 70 points and reserve was Sandra Whitmore with Chase on 69 points.

We would like to thank Lana Gazder for running this event for us it was very popular. Well done to everyone who took part.

The Charity class will be donated to Tracey Beuchamp who does excellent work rehoming Lurchers. 

Thankyou to everyone who attended it was a great day with 3 cards of Simulated Coursing which gives you an idea of how many people were there. We do hope that you all had a good day. Photos will follow so look out for those.

Many thanks to all of you and once again to Nicky and Lauren Thomas for sponsoring the Field Events , from all of us at NL&RC.